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Greta Buysse '1942

Lives and works in Bruges, Belgium

1966-1970 Brussels: advertising photographer
Since 1975 Bruges: free-lance photographer


Bruges: Secondary School – Sciences
Brussels: NARAFI (National Technical Institute for Radio and Film)
(Graduate A1)
Antwerp: Gevaert Company
Munich: Linhof Company
Frankfurt: Private Study with the Sisters Höffner


1987 Museum: Mont-sur-Marchienne
1988 Flemish Community 1986-1987
1998 Province West-Vlaanderen
1998 City of Bruges and Museum Bruges
2014 FOMU (Fotomuseum Antwerp)

Several private collections at home and abroad


1984 Hasselblad 2° Prize
1998 International Hasselblad Competition: ‘’A Tribute to the Great Masters’’
Laureate for Belgium with the work ‘’Homage to Magritte’’


2000 Bruges:’’Eros-Thanatos’’- Published by Stichting Kunstboek
2003 Florence:’’Eros e fotografia’’-Scalagroup Firenze-Gruppo Editoriale l’Espresso
2005 Bruges:’’Eternity’’-Published by the artist.